Reachit 2.0 Full Version Download

Reachit 2.0 Full Version Download

Reachit 2.0 Full Version Download

Are your digital files increasing by the day? If you spend a lot of time on a computer device, as is the norm now a day, your digital life can get a bit overcrowded? You store one file here and then another two there; eventually, you lose track of them all. Wouldn’t it be nice and convenient to have software that makes managing all of your files simpler. The great news is, there is one in existence, called Reachit 2.0 full version.

It is a program that has been created to make your digital life a lot simpler. It gives you a unique dashboard that allows you look for files across all of your cloud services, such as OneDrive, Box, and Dropbox. It also works with your various devices including your tablet, mobile, your work computer or laptop, all at once. That’s right it does not matter how many devices you use or where your files stored, this software will locate your files quickly so you can have access to them whenever you need them.

Connect your Android and Windows devices as well as your multiple cloud storage accounts. You can easily edit documents, search for files, move files around to different location and share photos. You can even quickly organize and find music, pictures, papers and videos.

There is even more great news; it is offered free. So go ahead and manage your files and make your life much easier without emptying your pockets. Take advantage of the unique application with its many features that this free software offers.

Key Features of Reachit 2.0 full Download

  • The application works on iOS, Windows, and Android devices.
  • Box, Google Drive, Dropbox as well as OneDrive can be conveniently connected.
  • The software can be used anywhere- at the airport, the office, at home.
  • You can directly edit files.
  • The application’s search engine can easily be added to your taskbar, so you can use it for your searches.
  • The program contains a local folder, so your various files are readily accessible on your dashboard.
  • The settings of the application can be altered to search your whole hard drive.
  • The software is ready to be downloaded from free from a given link.
  • It is extremely simple to use with its user-friendly interface.
  • You can view photos that are stored on your computer on your mobile device.
  • There is now an enhance server speed.
  • You can give feedback on your experience so that the application can be improved to fit customers’ needs.
  • You can have control of your PC from your mobile device.

System Requirements

The minimum system requirements are:

  • 8 GHz core 2 duo or equal
  • RAM of at least 3 BG
  • At least 14 GB of hard drive space
  • NTFS file system

Supported Operating Systems include:

  • Windows 10
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7

Just about any Windows product is compatible with the software.

Author Note: It is always better to have all of your files organized and manageable. A headache and stress are significantly reduced with the use of Reachit 2.1.